Example Projects -

Use Data As A Strategic Asset

A mid-size retailer embarked on a new project to modernise their Data & Analytics platforms, to support their planned business expansion and take use of data to another level.  They had an existing on-premise SQL Data store with Excel used as a reporting tool but was manual and didn’t leverage the potential of the data assets.  Initiative sponsored by the CEO and driven by the CFO involved. 


BOOMDATA were engaged as a strategic partner to advise, deliver and support an end-to-end Data & Analytics program : Step 1: review of data & analytics environment and development of data & analytics roadmap; Step 2: re-develop back-end SQL data platform, moving it to the cloud and establishing a single version of all business information, including data definitions; Step 3: create a set of operational and financial dashboards to provide visibility into retail sales, stock, financials, HR; Step 4: integrate via API’s on additional cloud-based data sources and create additional dashboards/reports.  Step 5 and ongoing: provision of Managed Service for support and enhancements plus ongoing advice to ensure data is used as a strategic asset. 


Microsoft platforms used: Azure SQL, Power BI, Azure Data Catalogue.






Modernise Your Data & Analytics Platform

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