Example Projects -
Manufacturing & Distribution

Optimise Inventory Through Visibility & Accountability

A manufacturing & distribution business had developed a series of Power BI dashboards for their sales & marketing teams and wanted to expand this to other areas of the business.  They were looking for advice, expertise and resources to deliver additional reports and dashboards to other business areas, starting with Inventory Management.  The initial project was sponsored by the Head of Supply Chain and had active involvement from the CFO and Head of IT.  Specifically the objective was to be able to quantify the right amount of stock required, lower stocks to better meet demand and drive greater accountability around sales forecasts.  Identified benefits included better working capital, less stock write-offs and discounting, improved DIFOT and customer satisfaction and better supplier relationships through efficient ordering. The


BOOMDATA engagement included: Step 1: develop data integrations from the relevant ERP and data sources: Step 2: developing views in an on-premise SQL database and Step 3: create a series of Inventory Management dashboards to meet the busines needs. 


Microsoft platforms used: SSIS, SQL on premise, Power BI.


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